5.3 Profile for Pre-usage Reporting of New Claims

A Claim Detail Message created in accordance with this Standard that is sent to a Licensee before any sales/usage reports have been received by the Licensor sending the Claim Detail Message comprises:

  1. One Header Record CDMH;

  2. One or more Basic Summary Records CS03;

  3. None, one or more Blocks comprising:

    1. 1 CD03 Record describing the 

      1. Resource that is expected to be used;

      2. Information about a Musical Work used in the Resource; and

      3. Rights Claims for a Share in that Musical Work for a specific right, including territory and claim period information, as well as information about the anticipated Sales Context;

    2. 0-n CX01 Records providing auxiliary information that can be used to provide further details on the preceding CD03 record; and

  4. One Footer Record SRFO.


Details about these Record Types are provided in Part 2 of this Standard.

To indicate that a Claim Detail Message is created in accordance with Profile, the Profile Cell in the Header Record shall be set to BasicCDMPreUsage and the ProfileVersion Cell to 1.0.

Note: while this profile has been designed for for pre-usage reporting of new claims, the profile may also be used, if agreed by Licensor and Licensee, for other business purposes.